Our Story

Ryan, Founder and Director of 3DHD, started his journey as a carpenter in the family construction business. Throughout this time he was constantly exploring ways to improve on the systems and services available to his clients. He was always finding ways to be ahead of the game.

Alongside his father, he grew to become the Director for Gregory Builders, an award-winning custom home builder on the Mornington Peninsula. Ryan always had a passion for design and spent increasing amounts of time with their clients working on interior design and cabinetry layouts.
What started as an interest quickly became a passion, and Ryan’s love for technology and continuing desire to be learning saw him grow his skill set and become an innovator in the industry. 

He quickly traded in his sketchbook and pencil for 3D modeling software. This developed into photorealism, and finally into Virtual Reality – A completely new and exciting way to experience your project.

Ryan noticed that the services he was providing were having a remarkable impact on the projects and on the clients; The projects were running faster and smoother without the constant need for decision making during the build. Clients were stress-free and excited throughout the build – their house was looking exactly like they had expected, and they were saving time and money. Ryan realized that this was bigger than a ‘side service’. This had the potential to change an industry

And so 3DHD was born. 

What we do

Take a look into the future

There is no better way to view your design…
You can quite literally walk through your completed home (virtually) before it’s built. 

Just Perfect

Take the time now to make sure your home is EXACTLY the way you imagined it. Home owners often complain that their home doesnt look quite like they expected. If they had the chance to start over they have a list of changes.... No more. You get that chance, as many times as you need!

Save Money

Changes made part way through a construction project are the number one cause for budget blow outs. Changes cost money....unless they are made before the built starts. It's not uncommon for us to save our clients thousands, if not 10s of thousands.

Share Your Images

Even our base packages include photo realistic rendered images. Take this home with you and share them with your friends and family. You wont find yourself trying to remember what the kitchen looked like - you have a photo of it ready to go.

Take Your Time

One of the biggest advantages of 3DHD is that you can take your time to make educated decisions about your project. Without this experience clients often find themselves having to make snap decisions under pressure in order to keep up with their trades. We encourage you to take your time, book in an extra VR presentation if you need to. Hang out in your home and experience it. When you commence your build you can feel at peace.

Our Studio
Meet Us

The 3DHD Team


Ryan Gregory

Interior Designer
3D Visual Artist

A creative thinker with a passion for functional design


Georgia Murphy

Interior Designer

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